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Reading some of the prior reviews, I entered the leasing office prejudiced with skepticism from the remarks of high water bills and absent staff. Upon my arrival I was greeted by Romy, who has now been my main point of contact at the complex. The staff has always been as friendly and attentive as I could have asked for. My emails are responded to as soon as the staff is on clock, no exceptions. The maintenance has reported immediately following requests even after normal working hours (~10 minutes), and there is almost always someone in the office. The water bill fluctuation has been solved by a flat amenities fee that also includes the gym, trash, pool, etc. As for the rent - The renovated apartment that I stay in was the only residence I could find in northern Kansas City within my price range with the build quality, space, and distance from downtown. I could rent a house on Barry Road for about the same, but the build quality would be worse and I would be driving about triple the commute to work. Some people report break-ins to their cars. I park outside every day and have not experienced this luckily. I lived just across the road at Briarcliff West (a quarter mile south) for multiple years and am familiar with the area. I've always understood this area as a very safe and friendly suburb. I also feel safe at home with the hidden double dead-bolted front door that prevents lock picks. The noise levels have been very quiet. I can't quite tell if I have shy neighbors or if the soundproofing is excellent. Although, I have received no complaints from my speaker setup which is "not a modest noise producing machine." On to the bad: The floors are somewhat uneven. I don't mind this too much personally but I feel obligated to put this in my review. Second, I was informed by the maintenance that my specific apartment generally has problems with heating and cooling and that I'll be seeing them a bit. But it seems as though I just rolled the dice poorly and its just mine so I'll take the hit for everyone, I don't mind. I've lived here for four months now and feel like my general synopsis is now producible. Walk in and take a tour - see for yourself.


We're new residents and unbelievably happy to be here. Our space is beautiful and has everything we want. Fairly quiet, can't hear the resident below us at all, lovely lighting from the large bay windows, and easy highway access. Romy has been a huge help making sure all of questions get answered in a timely manner.


Great experience moving in. Shelbi and Kristi are wonderful in the office. Responds quickly. Love the 2 bdrm/ 2 bath unit. Wonderful light throughout the upstairs unit. 2 balconies. Spacious. Pet friendly.


I am a new resident and I cannot say enough on how friendly and helpful the staff is. Shelbi and Kristi and the maintenance staff have been spot on with assistance and questions answered. Email is returned in a short amount of time and my work request was completed quickly and efficiently. The community is well lit and residents seem nice and quiet. Highly recommend those who are looking for a safe quiet place to call home


Fantastic staff Fantastic manager Of all the apartments We have lived , this is best. We really appreciate the manager, she was fair , firm and very friendly.


Resident for just about 1 year and really enjoyed it. It was all we could of asked for. Pros: -Nice apartment that was spacious and affordable -Very pet friendly -Maintenance responded immediately everytime we had an issue. The workers were always very pleasant and respectful of our apartment while in their -Front office staff was awesome Con: -The pool water last summer/fall was a bit sketchy and deterred us from using it, however I believe the issue was repaired this spring. Never got the chance to check it out. Overall: -Would live here again 10/10


Nice place, for sure. Service is wonderful



I've lived in several rental situations and none compare to Province of Briarcliff. I've lived here since May. For what you pay, you get high square footage...


I am speaking for Reda being new resident and I am his Friend came to visit...first time in this residential area. I am totally astonished of the conditions and amenities provided to residents here. The apartment is upscale, meticulous and highly upgraded - top notch remodeling. The location borders Riverside and Kansas city, close to 29 hwy, and 635...5 minutes away from Kansas State and 10 minutes away from downtown kc, MO. Jeffrey, manager's assistant, was very professional and helped Reda throughtout the process of getting new place. Communication was very good, and Jeffrey was always there answering phone calls and emails...great asset and definitely one to keep. Kristi, the manager of the province, is by far the best manager I have ever seen with respect to professionalism, friendliness, and willingness to help ease the process of moving application was fast, easy, and the way, I will highly recommend my friends, family, and people I know to the Briarcliff province...keep up the good work Jeffrey and Kristi !! I wish I can give u guys 10 stars, but Google need to upgrade

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